Are Brand Websites Still Relevant?

image_for_Blog_Post_1 With the new age of social media and mobile apps, it now leads business owners to rethink whether or not websites are still relevant to their client/customer base. We are constantly surrounded by a myriad of social sites all clamoring for attention, so it is logical to think it's that the practice of developing and maintaining brand websites could get somewhat lost in the shuffle.

The fact of the matter is that brand websites are still relevant and here are a few reasons why
1) Most people start at a search engine to investigate their interests and you need to own that digital shelf space;

2) Most people don't visit a brand page on Facebook or any other social media site- they may stumble upon it, but the data shows they don't go back;

3) Social networks add-and-remove features all the time. They change designs and make seemingly absurd changes in order to get more advertising dollars. All this can hurt your web presence and alienate fans. With your own website, you call the shots. You make the changes. You decide on the design;

4) A well designed website makes you look like you know what you’re doing. It will give journalists, bloggers, and other people in your industry a sense that you’re serious about what you do. It’ll show you care enough to put a little money and time into what you’re passionate about;

5) Search results should always be work in progress, therefore, the content you share via your website coupled with the right social tools will travel. A great example of this is Pinterest - presence (or "pins") for brands is driven by content that comes from their websites, not branded Pinterest pages. So the purpose of a brand website is not because you can, it's because they want it and they want to share it in other channels.

So remember the brand website is your opportunity to "own" your digital space and consumers want a brand to have a presence and to serve up valuable information, experiences, and connections. The choices a brand makes about the role of its website can have a significant impact on the total digital presence and business results. The opportunity for brands is not in asking "if" but "how" they should leverage their brand website.
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